Headwaters Softball League will follow all ASA Rules with the following exceptions:

  1. All players in Headwaters Softball League must be 16 years of age. Younger players may be on rosters for tournament and district play. If a player is found to be inelligible, the team will forfeit the game and the manager will be ejected from the premises.
  2. Run rules are as follows:
    • a. 20 run lead after 3 innings wins game.
    • b. 15 run lead after 4 innings wins game.
    • c. 10 run lead after 5 innings wins game.
    • d. Over 35 League - 12 run lead after 5 innings wins game.
  3. Ejection - if same player is ejected from two games in a season, for whatever reasons, he/she will be ineligible to play for the remainder of the season, including district and state play.
  4. Home runs(applies to Mens, Over 35, and Co-Ed) - only 6 home runs allowed per game. A ball hit over the fence after 6 will be an out.
  5. Courtesy runner(applies to Over 35) - only 1 courtesy runner per inning but it must be last out made.
  6. Weather - if league president or other person designated by him/her cancels the game by 5:00 p.m., he/she will utilize auto dial system to contact each team captain and/or players.
    • a. If games are cancelled by 5:00 p.m., teams do NOT have to go out to the fields
    • b. If one game is called by 5:00 p.m., all games that night are cancelled.
    • c. If auto dialer does not contact a team captain and/or players, teams must report to the field.
    • d. After 5:00 p.m. the decision to call the game will be up to each umpire. All games do may not cancel simultaneously.
  7. Make-up games:
    • a. If a team is unable to get enough players for the date they are rescheduled, they will have to forfeit the game.
    • b. All Leagues - rainouts will be made up the next Monday the fields are available.
    • c. Games will not be rescheduled on the Monday after holiday weekends.
  8. 5 minute grace period - if a team does not have 8 players at designated field five minutes past games time, the team will have to forfeit the game.
  9. # of players - for reason other than ejection due to unsportsmanlike conduct a team may play down to 8 players, the 9th and 10th players are NOT outs.
  10. Over 35 has the option to bat everyone. Late players may be added to batting order.
  11. Zero tolerance policy - any underage player caught consuming alcohol at the complex will be banned from playing in the Headwaters Softball League AS WELL AS the person who provided the alcohol for a period of one year.
  12. Team Deposit - each team that does not perform clean up duties on their designated night will be fined $50. The fine will need to be paid before the start of their next scheduled game or they will forfeit the games for that night. No additional games will be allowed until the fine is paid.